When I bulk upload Firsts, it takes ages for them to load. What am I doing wrong?

You need to keep the app open while uploading Firsts, but also you need to have a good Wifi connection. If you are uploading lots of Firsts and photos at once it will take some time; we recommend users upload just a couple at a time so they can keep using their phone for other things!

Is there an easy way to add in photos from my computer? (or iTunes, Dropbox etc?)

We recommend all photos are stored in iPhoto. Plug in your phone and select the photo or batch of photos that you want to add into your Little Firsts timeline, then click “Sync”. The photos will then appear on your phone’s library. You can then open up the app and add Firsts as usual.

What happens if I lose or change my phone?

Don’t worry! Simply log back in and the app will download your firsts that have been automatically synced to the cloud

I’ve lost some of my Firsts. Why? Can I get them back?

Little Firsts automatically syncs your firsts to the cloud,  if you delete Little First before all firsts synced to the cloud,  they will be lost forever.  If you see a loading wheel on a first that means that it has not been synced to the cloud.

How can I contact you?

Drop us an email at – we’d love to hear from you.

Can I create a book of my Little Firsts?

We’re working on this as so many customers have told us they love the easy look and feel of the app, but they’d love to create hard copy books too.  We hope to offer this feature in a future version of Little Firsts.

What is your privacy policy?

We will never share your personal details with third parties without your prior permission. In time we may strike deals with parenting products or services to offer great discounts to Little Firsts customers, and we hope you’ll want to be the first to hear about these! But we’ll ask you first before sharing data or sending you deals and discounts.

When will I be able to add video?

We are developing the functionality now so that in a future version you will also be able to add video to your Firsts. Keep making those videos for now, and they’ll be there for when we offer this upgrade to the app.

How can I share my Firsts?

Little Firsts has instant connectivity with Facebook and Twitter, and we will soon be adding Weibo for our Chinese customers. Share individual firsts instantly with your friends and followers, who can click through to view your Kid’s unique timeline on our platform.

We are also developing a new feature to be available in a future version of Little Firsts, which will allow friends and family not on social media to log in to a private microsite to check out your Kids’ timelines. This will be so much easier than sending Mum and Dad all those JPEGs…

Can I add multiple photos in batches?

Of course! Simply add a First, then click “pick a photo” and Little Firsts will let you select as many photos as you like to tell the story of that First.

Will my data be secure?

Absolutely. We use a highly robust storage system for saving all our customers’ precious data. It’s a third party server which is fully secure and with the appropriate levels of back up.

What does it cost?

Little Firsts is currently free to download from the App Store. We will be adding in-app purchase options later in 2015.

I’m pregnant! Can I start using Little Firsts now?

Yes! Obviously there won’t be as many moments or photos, but we’ve designed the app so that you can set up a profile for Bump complete with scan photos and notes about your pregnancy that you want to remember forever (some of it you might prefer to forget!). Once your bundle has arrived in the world, it’s a doddle to change to a Kid profile and get going with adding First Nappy, First Bottle and more.

Is Little Firsts just for first moments? What ages is it suitable for?

Not at all! We’ve called our app Little Firsts because all parents know how precious it is when your little ones do things they’ve never done before. We’ve even made a list of Firsts that all our small people go through to get you started and make it easy for busy new mums and dads to add their data quickly before they get distracted with another feed or nappy change! However you can add any special moment you want to your Kids’ timelines. Some of the team have children aged 10+ and we’re still using it to showcase their lives.

Which platforms is Little Firsts available on?

Little Firsts was built for the iPhone and is available on the iPhone x, y, z. It is also compatible with the iPod Touch (x generation?). It will work on the iPad but has been designed for the iPhone so for the best experience, we advise you play with it on your iPhone most of the time.

How does it work?

We know parents are very busy people – there are 14 parents within the Little Firsts team! We’ve designed Little Firsts to be super simple. Once you’ve installed it and checked out the instructions on our Welcome pages, just set up your Kid or Kids, start adding Firsts or special moments complete with photos and anecdotes and away you go!

What is Little Firsts?

Little Firsts is a neat app for capturing and sharing all the amazing developments and crazy antics that our kids show us every day. You’re already using your phone and probably doing some random sharing on Facebook. Now you can use Little Firsts to create a lasting memento, which can be shared when you choose.