Top 10 essentials to take on holiday with a baby

1st June 2016

Today on the Little Firsts blog we are chuffed to have a post from our lovely friends over at – the best place to go to ensure you have just what you need and no more when buying for your little ones. Never write your own list again!

Holidays have a whole new meaning when your little bundle of joy is travelling with you! We definitely didn’t get through as many holiday reads as we did before… And there’s an added holiday odour along with the sun cream, sea air and freshly cut grass smells… However, holidays are important for family time and babies love a change of scene as much as anyone, so don’t be scared about travelling with a little one.

Here’s a few things to make it as easy, organised and fun as possible for all of you…

  1. Baby’s passport – babies can no longer travel on their parent’s passport so it’s important to apply for one a couple of months before you travel.
  2. Buggy or pushchair – you can take these right up to the aircraft gate. We’d recommend a foldable, one-piece pushchair as they’re lightweight and will probably fit better in the teeny hire car you’ll be given. We like the Babystart From Birth Pushchair, which is a sturdy yet affordable option.
  3. Baby carrier – handy for when your pushchair is taken from you at the departure gate. Also makes excursions much easier once you arrive. We love the BabyBjorn One Carrier.
  4. Sun hat – protect that little head at all times with a decent hat that ties under the chin so they can’t pull it off every five seconds.
  5. Factor 50 sun cream – a high factor waterproof, sensitive sun screen is essential for your little one’s delicate skin. Keep applying throughout the day no matter how much they scream when you do their face…
  6. The contents of your change bag – see our change bag essentials list ( you’ll need the same things at the airport and on holiday as you do when you’re out and about at home.
  7. Snoozeshade – we are big fans of this, it blocks out harmful rays and keeps your baby cool, helping them to snooze anywhere. It fits over any buggy or pushchair.
  8. Toys – a few small ones are a good thing to pack so your baby is entertained and has a few familiar things around them if they’re unsettled in strange places.
  9. Milton tablets – an easy way to sterilise bottles and baby feeding equipment.
  10. Portable high chair – The Gro Company make a chair harness which is basically a piece of material that becomes a high chair – you can strap it to any seat and it folds up very small.

5 things not to bother packing

  1. Too many nappies – they will take up half your suitcase and you can buy them everywhere. Pampers are sold in most European countries under a different name (e.g in Spain they are called DotDot) so only pack what you need for travelling and head to a local supermarket when you arrive. We would, however, pack swim nappies, as these aren’t always available abroad. Huggies Little Swimmers are great and one pack isn’t too bulky.
  2. Baby clothes – we made this mistake on our first family holiday – if you’re going somewhere hot, your baby will most likely just be wearing a nappy and a sun hat. We’d only pack 3 outfits, 5 sleep suits and 1 protective, waterproof sun suit.
  3. Travel cot – any decent accommodation will provide you with one upon request.
  4. Your own car seat – families are allowed two large items of baby equipment on most  airlines so it is possible to take your own, however you can hire one from all major car hire companies and they are often brand new or in very good condition as the safety standard are so high.
  5. Bath support – you’re most likely only going away for a couple of weeks max, so one of you can hold the baby in the bath rather than filling your case with a bulky plastic thing.

We found that a lot of European resorts have baby equipment hire shops nearby where you can rent high chairs, change mats, bouncers, travel cots, stair gates, toys, playmats… Basically anything baby related! Do your research before your travel and see if you can book a few items so you can travel lighter.

Enjoy your hollibobs!! – The Babylists team xx