To buy or not to buy (baby stuff) – that is the question!

11th April 2016


We have 14 kids between us in the Little First team, and we have not stopped yet!

(Well some of us haven’t, most of us are done). Between us we’ve bought a hell of a

lot of baby stuff over the years. What passes the LF team test in terms of what you

actually need, and what should you just walk on by? Here’s our acid test:



1) Travel cot – best way to go on holiday with a baby. BUT DON’T BUY THE TENT ONE!

– James, dad to 2 girls


2) Bugaboo! Have had a few buggies over the years with 3 girls (off roaders, running

buggies and maclarens) and I think it is the best – George, mum to 3 girls


3) Inflatable bed rail that turns normal bed in to a safe bed they can fall out of! –


4) Steriliser microwave bags – great space saver – Eileen, mum to 2 girls (bit of a theme here)


5) Breast feeding pillow – used everyday and saves gather all other cushions and

trying to fashion one (much as I ridiculed Katy for buying it) – Russ, dad to Lyla


6) Thousands of muslins in every room of the house and every bag – Eileen


7) Infacol – got my kids drunk on the stuff to combat colic – Eileen


8) Swaddling – they loved it and stopped that thrashing they do with their arms –

Nicky, mum to 2 boys (keeping up the side)


9) Bouncy swing that attaches to door frame – keeps the baby happy while you do a

few (or a lot) of chores – Nicky


10) DUMMIES – my naughty babies wanted to feed all the time. Also don’t listen to

the midwives; babies do not ‘get confused’ between a dummy and you! – Nicky


11) Munchkin shampoo rinser – Harriet, mum to 2 boys, 1 girl



1) Special separate baby bath (much preferred baby seat in big bath!) – Harriet


2) Bambino Mio kit – like we were ever going to use those! – James


3) Bumbo – rubbish (and since proven dangerous, 4 million recalled in 2012) – James

backed up by Nicky


4) Baby Bjorn / papoose = serious backache – James backed up by Nicky


5) Moses basket – looks cute, slept in about 3 times – Russ


6) Scratch mitts – since birth she’s never worn a glove for longer than 10 seconds –


7) Snot sucking device – as if anyone has ever managed to get one near a babies nose

(without heaving)– Russ


8) All baby shoes – completely unnecessary until they can walk as far as I can see.

Look cute, but just fall off – Russ


9) Microwave steriliser – WTF? – Eileen


10) Homeopathic teething granules – didn’t even touch the sides with the agony –


11) The Angelcare sleeping monitor that tells you if they stop breathing. Seriously

stress-causing! Since recalled (600,000 units) due to cord danger – George


12) Tommee Tippee nappy bin – keeping poo in the house, disgusting! – Nicky


George has been having babies for the past decade so has a wealth of experience

(and baby stuff). Her words of wisdom:


“I think you can distil all the kit you need down to cot, buggy, sling, 1 blanket, pack

of muslins, and 2 bottles. Job done.”


We hope this is of use to anyone about to go to the Baby Show and buy a load of

stuff they won’t need, won’t have space for, and will have to sell on eBay. If they

ever have time to list stuff on eBay, which is highly unlikely once they’ve had a baby.


Love – The Little Firsts team x