Milestones and Moments

30th March 2016

It seems an age to me that I held my baby son Sam in my arms for the first time. He was VERY late, (according to the doctors at least), but that might be his laid back personality. As I do not possess a laid back personality (!) I did not enjoy being kept waiting until he made an appearance on day 14 post EDD. Thanks for joining us, Sam!

Sam is now almost 10 and I have a decade of moments to look back on – good (all the Firsts, birthdays, school achievements), bad (midnight wake ups, terribly fussy eating, refusing to wear clothes or shoes – that was fun). Unfortunately lots of moments aside from the Big Ones like birthdays are lost for good as I forgot to chart them, not being very good at keeping up a baby book and certainly no time for a diary! Also my memory started turning to mush round about the time Sam popped out at 14.19 on 6th May 2006. Funny that.

I remember clearly the first time Sammy smiled, which was really lovely as I was with my mum, visiting my friend George in London. We peered into the pushchair and mum said “Yes – definitely a smile.” Not wind then! Sam was bang on 3 weeks old. The first smile tends to be the “first of the firsts”, although there is no chronology when it comes to baby developmental milestones as every baby is unique and develops at their own pace. Also parenting styles are different – so some babies will drink from a bottle straight away and others might go straight to a sippy cup. Some parents will be happy to let the baby settle themselves which probably means their baby will STTN earlier, and they will get their sleep back much faster than those who rush in fast (that was me – oops).

So much has happened since Sam first smiled up at me in Southfields on that sunny day. He went from breast to bottle; he sat up, crawled, walked and ran. He said Dada for so long I was starting to get annoyed (come on, which of us was doing most of the hard work here?!!) but once he said Mummy he never stopped. I sometimes wonder how many times I hear “Mummy” a day! He cut his first tooth – that hurt both Sam and me, as I couldn’t take the pain away. He had his first swim, he rode a bike, the stabilisers came off the bike, he won a running race. He had the lead in the school play, as Grumble the Grumpy Bee, and he was made School Councilor. So many moments, big and small, some preserved and others lost (again, could be a good or a bad thing!).

I know when my boys are grown up and gone I’m going to look back and wonder where the time went. That’s why I created Little Firsts so that we and our friends and families and their friends and families can ‘never forget’ these precious times.

– Nicky x –